Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dinner at Suji's: Itaewon

I've heard a lot of great things about Suji's and so knew I needed to go. Their restaurant is boasted as a great place to get "home cooking" or "awesome" sandwiches. They also sell deli meats and basically are a go-to place amongst Seoul foodies.

The inevitable trip was made on a real summer afternoon-evening with the sun shining making one both thirsty and hungry. Accompanying me was my friend of the blog, "Seoul Searching" and her new boyfriend. For everyone it was their first time at Suji's, and we were a bit excited.

The interior definitely had that home dining feeling. The sun was going down and made for a great cast of yellow hues.

The menu was definitely quite extensive with soups, salads, all day brunch choices and specialties like steak. My friend chose to share the soup of the day which looked very delicious.
Along with that they had a chili dish, which the boyfriend ate right up.
For me I had the Grilled Chicken Salad with Fresh Mozzarella and it turned out to be a bountiful delight.
The chicken was freshly grilled and seasoned, while accompanied by fresh salad ingredients including juicy tomatoes. It wasn't the most spectacular choice off the menu but it made me a believer to come back and try something new.
Suji's definitely possess a great menu and an excellent restaurant to relax in. With that said, I would mention that the prices were a bit high, but I am guessing this is because they use fresh and hard-to-find ingredients.

I would definitely recommend you coming here to entertain guests or go with a pack of friends as everyone can surely have a good meal and a wonderful time.

To get here you can either come from the main Itaewon strip heading towards the "end" with the large "rainbow" gate. Or come out of Noksapyeong station taking exit 3 and make your way towards Itaewon crossing that large intersection. It is right there in front of you and on the 2nd and 3rd floor.


  1. Wonderful place and the food looks yummy!

  2. "For me I had the....." ARE YOU AN ENGLISH TEACHER??? or WHAT?!!!
    I think your English is getting worse the longer you're there!

    You could say, "For my meal I had the..."
    or " For my choice I ordered the ....

    OK... I <3 u none-the-less!


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