Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Semester Comes

As I woke up semi-late this morning (7:45 AM) I knew tomorrow was going to be a work day. Usually I am woken by Tom nudging me or climbing on top of me to get a good petting in before the day starts. On work days I can only give him that good petting for a short little time. But I am not here to complain, just saying my lovely two weeks of vacation are quickly ending.

I feel this vacation was especially good for me because I feel balanced out. The free time allowed me to understand what transpired during the last semester and what I need to focus on for the next. I feel mentally ready to take on the challenges.

Of course, I am feeling nervous about going back to work. This is because I mostly want to find out if they will keep me for another year or not. I'm hoping I will get the casual email that asks if you want to stay or not and that will be that. I heard from a colleague this is what usually happens in November. But then I am wondering if I should start the FBI fingerprinting process just in case things don't turn out how I would expect.

What will be interesting for the start of this coming Fall semester is that the afternoon kids are switching with the morning kids. We have our theories, but we are hoping the afternoon kids (notorious for being rambunctious) will some how be more mellow in the morning. However, I have realized that kids are kids no matter what time of the day. So we will see. The Fall semester also has some twists in it like a Drama festival and no open classes.

With the new semester approaching already I know summer is on it's way out. The air is starting to get cooler (slightly) and I can tell the summer sunshine is changing.

In the end, I am grateful for this vacation and the many more I will have.


  1. did you need the FBI fingerprints for this job? As long as you don't take a long break in between jobs you *should* be safe. If not, get on those now. I'm still waiting for mine to get back....

  2. From what I know if you renew at the same school you don't need it. But if you transfer and extend the visa at a different school you need it. Basically I don't want to be at the point where I need a job and don't have this doc.

  3. LOL.. get all the docs you might need. Safer is better than sorry..

    with that said?

    Best picture of 일출봉 EVAR!!!

  4. Thanks Charles! Hmmm I hope the tourism board comes a knockin!

  5. I just love how you got the bus-stop with the name of Haenyo-house into that..

    I walked by that at least three times and never saw that.

  6. Haha yea ... I liked the shape of it mostly.


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