Sunday, August 7, 2011

ASYAAF: Student Art Work at Hongik University

Going on till August 22nd is an Art Festival featuring young and upcoming artists alongside those who have been around longer. At Hongik University the ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival) brings us artwork from different varieties and tastes. I visited this exhibition and found myself enjoying the array of artworks on display.

I went with my friend from Artpoli, who is a member and one of the mangers of the site. She had exhibited in this group for the past two years but wasn't active in this one.

There was a lot to see and at times it felt like you were wandering through a maze, as there were three floors of wall-to-wall art to look at.
For the most part there were paintings and drawings to look at that ranged in age and of course mastery.
They put all the video artists in one section, which was kind of neat to walk through a dark lit area, but I think didn't help the artist's works. This was because you couldn't really get a good sense of each one as they were tightly put next to each other.

They also had one section dedicated to foreign Asian artists from such countries as Japan, India and Indonesia.
Out of the whole exhibition my favorite section was this one exhibiting non-Korean artworks. I liked this because, after walking through the halls of Korean works and then into the foreign ones you could definitely sense the difference in composition and style. Definitely, the Japanese works stood out the most to me, as they mostly touched on dramatic themes.
We moved on to the next floor of art, which featured more 2D work but also some sculpture.

I liked the following work of the shark in the bundle.

Although this exhibition asks for a 6,000 won entrance fee, I think it did a good job of getting the public inside. Even though many people feel like contemporary art is disconnected from the everyday person, I have to disagree. I think art, no matter what style or manner, is meant as an experience to be had. Whether you are trained in the arts or not, you can have an experience with art. 

The following was made from acrylic nails...
There was a lot of whimsical type of art on display and the following of a snail with a cake roll as it's shell, is just one representation.

If you would like to see some fresh and contemporary Korean and Asian art, than why not head over to Hongik University and see this exhibit. It lasts till August 22nd and to get there just head up into the University and follow the signs. It is on your left. 

With the hot weather this summer, getting in and seeing some art is a great way to beat the heat.


  1. Nice review & fotos....except these are "slim" descriptors for art "varieties and tastes". I think you could come up w/better...later in the review you did w/style & manner.
    It's "then" rather than "than" also!

    You know reviewing Korean art shows for English periodicals/publications might be a calling for you.
    Try remembering some of the "art talk - jibberish" from your Art history & research.

    Actually I enjoyed seeing the art in the fotos as well as the Koreans looking at the art (their clothes, hair, styles, etc...)

    No Americans in the foreign student section, eh?!

  2. Hey Joy,
    I love, love love your blog! I discovered it today and will definitely follow. It is so great to see you're covering your stay in Korea with a perspective on the arts as well. The annual exhibit at Hongik looks very exciting and makes me wish I could see more photos from it. Unfortunately I missed it two years ago when I was in Seoul. I study art as well.
    Keep up the insightful posts along with the many photos!

  3. Thank you! I am glad you enjoy the photos.


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