Monday, February 16, 2009

A Walk Around

Last Saturday, I woke up a bit early and got my American phone calls out of the way along with other chores. It was Valentine's Day and so I expected that I would meet up with BK soon. However, he called to say that he needed some time at home before coming out here. Also, he was in a tiff because he was trying to help me send money to America, but the Internet banking site was giving him grief. (He gets angry easily.)

So I told him to go eat his bop ( was lunch time) and to cool down.

But I needed cooling down too. When he gets angry, like that, it kind of scares me. I think it is because I am a sensitive person. So I really didn't want us to be in a bad mood on Vday, of all days.

With nothing really on my schedule, till BK would come, I decided to find something to do. I connected with a friend I made at the Winter Camp. He lives in Geumcheong, which is just one train stop away. Now, don't get in silly ideas people. He is the kind of guy that teases you for pleasure. In other words, friendship is all I am looking for...period.

I decided to contact him via facebook.

He has two dogs so I suggested that he take them for a walk and that I come along.

The weather was pale gray and a bit cold, not exactly leisure walking weather. But when you got something bothering you mentally (BK's eruptive anger) you kind of want to vent off some steam.

Don't get me wrong, BK is not angry all the time. And when these episodes occur usually after about 30-60 minutes he realizes what an ass he was and apologizes. I have learned to be patient and not take it personally. When we talk about it he tends to lean on that Korean's are easily angered, and well he is Korean. Which, is not all together made-up. Sometimes you do get the sense that Korean people have a hot and flashy temper, that you don't want to get between.

Anyways, back to the walk.

I usually just whisk pass Geumcheong when riding the train, so I never really thought of it as a stopping place.

My friend said that there is a river park nearby and we should go check it out.

However, he didn't really know how to get there. So we ended up taking a longer walk than I expected.

What made the journey interesting is that our walk was landscaped by scenery not all too pretty. It was mainly industrial shops and junk yards. You could see welders welding inside one shop, while another had a lady sanding down a door.

Imagine, if you will, that our path was like an elongated loop. So when we turned around and headed back in the other direction we walked pass even more dirtier industrial shops. This time they had grimy dogs chained up out front to bark at passers-by.

Sorry that I didn't take a whole lot of pictures. I have the tendency to not take out the camera if my fingers could get cold.

But when we were passing under a very large and tall highway I couldn't help but take a few shots.

It's not like I've never seen structures like this before, it was just that it's grandeur was overwhelming.

I would like to go back there and get better shots, someday.

Well after that we headed back to the train station and sad our goodbyes. I felt a lot better, after my walk, and could approach BK with a clearer head. Also, it was interesting to see a different side of Korea, the dirtier side that is.


  1. 금정?

    you must be living near 범계?

  2. after reading some more of your blog, I've found out that you live in Sanbon.

    I used to live in Pyeongchon.

  3. Ah yes you figured it out. It says so in my info box in the top left corner. hehe

    Not bad area...just need better house.

  4. I actually reached the post where you asked for a translation of your address.

    wow! your place is literally a stone's throw away from the Sanbon subway station

  5. Why yes you could throw a stone if you wanted to...hehe

  6. next time i pass by Sanbon, will do

    by the way, there was a post wherein your mom asked for your school's and 방's locations,

    using google earth:
    input the following coordinates into the Fly To box:

    your school
    37.353197, 126.934558

    your office tel:
    37.358050, 126.931958


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