Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1 Year

Today marks my one year anniversary with BK.

I know in a previous post I mentioned how he gets angry easily.

Let me say people that there is more to him than just that, and he is NOT angry all the time and is for the most part a patient and kind boyfriend.
  • Helps me so much with living in Korea.
  • Listens to me when I need to talk to him.
  • Generous
  • Caring
  • Warm
  • Funny
  • I feel safe with him.
There you have it just a short list of the many reasons that I love BK. Thank you BK for a wonderful and meaningful year!

So one year in counting and I hope for many more. I love the man and I am happy to be by his side whenever he is happy or not.


  1. Joy, nobody even commented on that post...why are you so upset?

    (I wanted to comment, though.)

  2. In my speak box on the right, someone made a comment about it that I deleted. It prompted me to respond via this post.

  3. I still believe these are things best saved for a more "personal" type of venue!

  4. Ooooooooooooohhhhhh!
    Our comments are now censored & need approval by blog author.
    I SEE....
    Is this a good thing?

  5. you guys are so cute!!!
    congrats hun=^^=


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