Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Holy Crabapples!

In March I am getting a new coteacher. My current one is leaving to teach grade 3-2 at the school.

At first I was a little surprised but then felt like it confirmed my suspicions. Working here you can't really sit back and relax and expect it will always be the same. Especially, now that the kids are moving up a level and a new semester is going to start.

I have no clue who the new coteacher will be but here are my heartfelt wishes:
  • Creative and fun.
  • Works together during the lesson and doesn't leave me randomly.
  • Communicates fairly well.
  • Desire to get to know me.
  • Alert me of new events early enough (a very hopeful wish)
Either way I guess it will help keep things interesting here at my job.

Who will they be?


  1. Crabapples are holy?? I learn something new in the country everyday.

    Best of luck with your new coteacher.

  2. thanks~ I still don't know who it is yet


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