Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wala Wala News

Tales From the Fish Tank

Wala Wala is happy to report that Momma got him a lovely new fish tank, last week. This one provides him with a lot of swimming room and even a heater.
He thinks the gravel is somewhat too tiny and would prefer some attractive large smooth pebbles or marbles.

Also he likes that there is a plant but would rather it be alive than plastic.

Since he doesn't really know what is in Korean tap-water he appreciates that Mommy went out and bought some expensive water conditioning formula.

Otherwise, Wala Wala is not feeling that lonely due to having Momma around to keep him company.

He says Momma is doing well these days, although he sees her doing too much cleaning about the outer-tank environment.

Also he is looking forward to his first visit with BK, who is always making that strange device ring.



  1. I love it when fish get on the internet and write blogs! I hope Wala Wala continues to post about his lovely new home and his Momma!

  2. wala wala needs a female companion in his tank!

  3. Would be more interesting to observe than one bored lonely ole guy swimming around looking for the impossible!


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