Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Korea Hot Wave in Japan

Way back when I was in college (ok it was only 3 years ago) I used to ask myself this question:

Do Asian cultures share from each other?

Meaning does Korean culture spill into Japanese or Chinese and visa versa? (In a modern day sense)

I think we know some of the answers to these questions, because we can see dramas and characters influenced from Japan here in Korea.

But I caught site of an article that states how it is advertising Korean pop and historical culture to the Japanese.

For thirty minutes, the first broadcasting will be made at 9:00pm...through the program an independent bank 'Gogo Star' and a musical 'Lunatic' will be introduced in detail. Also advertising between the programs will be Korea Sparkling which contains Taekwondo, Korea's representative contents, with Korea's beautiful tourist attractions.
Oh boy, Korea Sparkling was mentioned.

Now, I don't know the exact answer to this social question. And I don't want to start writing a bunch of stuff without actual research.

But all I can say is that the process for which a culture packages itself and delivers it to another country, is very fascinating.

Among us expats there is the feeling that the Korean tourist board does a poor job of packaging Korea and selling it to other countries. Mostly, because as expats we have a different and unique understanding of what makes Korea attractive to others.

So this arcticle must then be showing us Korea's interest in attracting Japanese tourists, using popular icons along with their historical traditions. I wonder if it is working, and whether it is having a positive affect on Korea's image amongst Japanese.

Korea Hot Wave, which will be broadcasted every Tuesday for 2 months, will introduce Korea's music, animation, and characters with sketch of the spots and interviews of related people. Also it will be conducted based on various Korea's contents like tourism, foods, events, and festivals.
With the program, Korea's contents industry has been expecting that another Korean Wave will be formed as well as forming cultural interests of Japanese by introducing upgraded Korean culture in Japan.
Okay look at that last sentence. "...another Korean Wave will be formed..." What is this and what do they mean? Who knows~??

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