Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anniversary Date

One year.
So it was last Friday that BK treated me to a special night out on the town, for our one year anniversary.

Our destination was the North Seoul Tower, a famous spot on Korean dramas and a site you can usually see when you are around central Seoul. I was looking forward to it.

I realized as we got out of the subway station that I don't have many night shots of Seoul. Therefore, before we headed up the hill to the tram I took some shots of the scenery.

To get to the North Seoul Tower you have several options. You could walk up the winding road, take a bus or ride the Namsan Cable Car. Guess which one we did?

We rode the cable car of course! In this picture you can see the cable car's station where you buy the ticket and board the car. I was excited because I recently watched the Boys Before Flowers episode where the main characters ended up spending the night in the cable car.
Riding the cable car was exciting as you were lifted up above Seoul and could look out onto the city. But the ride was rather short lived and before you know it your at the top. After you get off you walk up a flight of stairs to come upon the North Seoul Tower all lit up. (Sorry my camera and my freezing hands were having a hard time with night shots.)

Built in 1969, and opened to the public in 1980, the tower measures 236.7 m (777 ft) in height (from the base)

There are several options of what to do when you get to the Seoul Tower, and it depends on what level you decide to hang around.

At the very bottom: B1f
  • Ticket Booth
  • Walk around where you can get outdoor views of Seoul
  • Souvineer shop
  • Cafe
Bottom Middle:
  • Food court
  • Cafe
  • Internet
  • Panoramic views by a window. This was where couples sat with each other to gaze out the window. BK and I did the same.

When we were done drinking tea (me) and hot choco (BK) we used our elevator pass and went up to the Observatory part of the tower. Again sorry for the blurry photos.

This is a circumambulatory room where you work your way around enjoying the scenery. This area and the ride up the elevator reminded me of going to the Empire State Building, which I also did at night time. Except the Seoul Tower's observatory deck is enclosed.

As you walk around each window has on it a city's name that is located in the direction which you are looking. When I came upon San Francisco's I was very excited and homesick.

There are actually two parts of the observatory, for the first floor (the one pictured) has the names of faraway cities. The second part has the names of places in Seoul and Korea on the windows.

Also at this level are some fancy restaurants including one that rotates. I would love to catch a meal in that place, because there are so few rotating restaurants left.

We made our way back down to ground level where we had dinner at the Plaza Restaurant. OOoo romantic~
After our night out at the Seoul Plaza we got into a taxi and made our way to a really nice hotel. Known for its luxurious rooms, we were in for a treat. I think all I cared about was that it had a bathtub.

When you enter hotels here (in this case, yes it was a love hotel) you usually go through a veiled entrance way. Not always, as there is a front door from the street. But if you were to drive in you can park and no one will see your car inside.
The next day we headed over to Apgujeong to get lunch at our favorite place Butterfinger Pancakes. Of course the wait was long, but I think worth it.

Pancake, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and sausage for me.

Waffle, egg, potatoes, and bacon for BK.

The food was great and the date the night before was awesome as well. It was by far the best night date I have had in Seoul. I would like to come back during the daytime and when it will be warmer out.

All in all, if you have done everything else in Seoul then make your way to the N. Seoul Tower and see the sites.


  1. Nice-uh!

    I just moved to Seoul from Daejeon and when my girlfriend comes up for her hagwon I think I'll steal some of this excellent date you've described. ;-)

  2. And there was so much a teddy bear museum!


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