Friday, February 6, 2009

More Than Just BBoy

Did you know that Korean b-boys have been winning the international competition known as "Battle of the Year".

I bet I am late to the game with this, but thought it was important to bring up on my blog.

For starters I became aware of this after watching the brilliant documentary:
Planet BBoy (Director: Benson Lee)

It is not that you SHOULD watch this movie it is that you MUST watch it. Especially if your an expat.


Embedded between all the beat-box music and dance moves is a little story about one of Korea's dancers. He comes from a poor family in the countryside. Within this vignette you get a glimpse of what the Korean male suffers as a son and man in Korea.

When watching the part where he is sitting next to his father and hearing him speak about how he wishes his son would become a professor or Doctor, you can clearly feel the tension. Also the scene highlights family values within Korea.

You know I don't even think my description does it justice. All I have to say is that since I live here in Korea I understand the feelings that were shown during these scenes. And I think I even understand BK's role in his family a bit more now.

Gee, all from watching a b-boy movie!

Anyways Korea has won this competition many times, just check out the stats.

Battle Of The Year 2008
Best Show: Top 9 (Russia)
Final Battle:
1. Top 9 (Russia)
2. T.I.P. (Korea)
Semi Finals:
Top 9 (Russia) vs. Smokemon (France)
T.I.P. (Korea) vs. Formosa (Taiwan)

Battle Of The Year 2007
Best Show: Turn Phrase Crew (Japan)
Final Battle:
1. Extreme Crew (Korea)
2. Turn Phrase Crew (Japan)
Semi Finals:
Extreme Crew (Korea) vs. Legiteam Obstruktion (France)
Turn Phrase Crew (Japan) vs. Funk Fellaz (Germany)

Battle Of The Year 2006

Best Show: Vagabonds (France)
Final Battle:
1. Vagabonds (France)
2. Last for one (Korea)
Semi Finals:
Vagabonds (France) vs. Drifterz (Korea)
Last for one (Korea) vs. B-Town Allstars (Germany)

Battle Of The Year 2005
Best Show: Ichigeki (Japan)
1. Last For One (Korea) The crew in the movie.
2. Ichigeki (Japan)
3. Gambler (Korea)
4. Phase T (France)

Battle Of The Year 2004
Best Show: Break The Funk (Italy)
1. Gambler (Korea)
2. Fantastik Armada (France)
3. Stuttguard (Germany)
4. Break The Funk (Italy)

Battle Of The Year 2003
Best Show: Fire Works (Japan)
1. Pockémon (France)
2. Expression (Korea) 3. Gambler (Korea)
4. Fire Works (Japan)

Battle Of The Year 2002
Best Show: Vagabond Crew (France)
1. Expression (Korea)
2. Vagabond Crew (France)
3. Deep Trip (Switzerland)
4. Top 9 (Russia)

Battle Of The Year 2001
Best Show: Visual Shock (Korea)
1. Wanted (France)
2. Team Ohh (Japan)
3. HaviKoro (USA)
4. Visual Shock (Korea)

In the movie, the Korean crew had a first-place battle against Japan, and naturally they took it very close to heart.

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