Thursday, February 5, 2009

Joy would like to start the group

Open Call

Would like to start the group:
"Not-go-drinking-and-eat-galbi-foreigner-group." Or "Not-go-drinking-because-there-is-nothing-to-do" Group.


"Would-like-to-find-a-cafe-that-is-not-smokey-and-hang-out" Group.

"Foreigner-meet-up-group-that-does-not-complain-about-Korean-people." Group.

Party of one, please.


  1. hmm. this has been on my mind too.

    korea (well, not actually Korea, but living here, and the people I hung out with) nearly made me an alky in my third year, and I recently royally pissed off a Korean friend of mine by harping a bit too long on Korea.

    The moral of the story: I don't know. but I see the need for the things you mention.

    hang in there joy.
    (ps: the word verification word is "elmshots" -- ???)

  2. haha elmshots

    Just want a puzzle buddy.

    But actually when I was in America I had the same problem. Why!!! I am sure there are ppl with the same interests as mine here...just how do I find them..and preferably in my area.
    Thanks Rob!

  3. Joy,

    SIGN ME UP, GIRL! Kenny and I have taken to hanging out in the coffee shop around the corner from my house. No smoking, easy going, sweetest owner in the world! Are you terribly far from Cheonho? Perhaps we could meet up there sometime.

  4. I know you specified foreign, but you could make more Korean friends. It seems like (stresses "seems") your only Korean friend is BK. I know that sometimes I'd go out drinking with Korean friends, but mostly it was coffee, movies, a little shopping, a lot of sports...

  5. It's funny, you know. I drink less since I've gotten here. And I eat healthier. Don't get me wrong, I still drink plenty, and I'm not going to stop, or apologize for it. I also love red meat, and will continue to eat it. And I smoke. Especially when drinking. But I'd still like to hang out sometimes.

    I guess it's like Groucho said: I wouldn't want to belong to a club that would have me for a member. Or something.

    My captcha was blectug.

  6. I think you should start/or find a book club.

    also, has a variety of korea-based interest groups and clubs: just search "korea" or "seoul" and see what comes up. also search facebook groups for korea based clubs.

  7. So... what are your interests?

    Koreans ADORE clubs. There are literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of groups out there. Just learn a little bit of Korean and they'd be pretty welcoming. I belong to a swing club and a taekwondo gym, but if that's not your thing, there are hiking clubs, photography clubs, movie clubs, music clubs, soccer clubs, table tennis clubs, biking clubs, skiing clubs, dance clubs--pretty much anything you can think of. Take a lesson somewhere on something, and you'll probably find a club of semi-pros attached to it. And they'll probably be some local to you that you're interested in. Talk to your co-workers. (Side note about Korean clubs: Drinking is often a part of the culture, but you can go out "drinking" and just drink water or cider or whatever.)

    And if you want a group for foreigners, I was briefly in a (English) book club and had some cool times doing that. I had a friend who's married to a Korean guy start a group for foreigners with Korean partners. I also met most of my good foreign friends through a Korean language class. People took it who tended to be more interested in the culture (less your average partyer/complainer type), and able to be awake at 11 am on Saturday--so of course I had more in common with them then the folks I met at bars.

    As a side note, if you had this problem in America, it's probably not Korea's (or even foreigners in Korea's) fault. Open your mind. Use some forum BESIDES blogging to make friends. Accept all invitations--even if it's not normally your scene (how I met two language partners, some of my best foreign and Korean friends here, and my boyfriend). Invite someone who seems cool out to do something you want to do (this is how I made my best friend, now adopted family, here).

    I know it's frustrating (trust me). And I know it's tempting to complain about the foreign scene like most of them complain about Korea/Koreans, but try to resist. Take action. Take control.

  8. Hi,
    Thank you all for your input. It gave me a lot of ideas now on what the scene is like here and my options.

    Sorry for the rant, I guess. I think I should make a mental note to myself of not to blog on a day when I am having expat blues.


    Well we will see what happens. I kind of already had similar ideas.

    Oh and don't live close to Cheonho...that takes an hour to get to. :( sorry


  9. I don't think Joy is making all her friends through blogging or hanging out exclusively with foreigners . . . and in all honesty, sometimes you want company from the same cultural background, and you don't always want to spend it having your lungs filled with burning pollutants and swilling rotgut.

  10. As far as I can tell, every single person who commented lives/lived in Korea as a foreigner. I think we ALL understand the desire to hang out with someone with a similar background.

    But the fact remains that Korea is mostly made up of Koreans. Even the foreign population is mostly made up of non-Westerners who don't speak English (or was last time I saw the stats). And if you're looking for friends (or dates, for that matter), you're probably going to have more luck opening up yourself to more than Foreign (or over 5'8" inches in the case of dating).

    You don't need to have a lot of language skills for an activity, either. Joy says she's into museums and art, I'm SURE she could find a group for it.

  11. I am going to write down here what my intentions were with this post.

    I was trying to expose my feelings toward a particulary part of the expat community. This being mostly westerners, English speakers. And it was also directed towards male expats.

    I was triggered to write this post after seeing a teacher in facebook post a request for his friends to go drinking Friday night.

    I think it opened up something in.

    For one, I can't really drink due to my disease. ButI want to hang out with people and have a good time.

    So since it isn't fun to hang with ppl while they are drinking I kind of felt like I leave myself out.

    So I just wished that there were more of a crowd that enjoyed things of the opposite nature.

    The thing is though that I know there are ppl out there with the same interests as mine.

    And sure some of these ppl who drink would probably enjoy a night out of not drinking now and then.

    I think what my post highlights is this dillema I have hear as an expat. I am trying to connect with my expat community but find myself not matching up well.

    However, I have enjoyed my time with Gomushin Girl, Zen Kimchi, Jennipal and Roboseyo. You guys get me laughing.

    In essence as an expat you interact with Koreans but also other expats. And I think the second part is something also worth a look at.

  12. Forgive my horrible spelling and grammar in that comment...> <

  13. Have you thought of "AA" & "NA" & "Alanon" people who do not drink or do drugs?!
    They hang out all over the world in restaurants & coffee shops!


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