Monday, October 10, 2011

That Time of the Year Again

As a contract teacher there comes a point where you don't know if you will be asked to stay or go for the next year. At my past two public elementary schools I was given the thumbs down on staying at their schools. So this time I really want to be asked to stay.

Their system is a bit different and seems more friendly. Since there are 22 foreign folks working here I guess they need to streamline everything. They sent out a mass-message asking us to respond to a survey by the second-to-last week of this month. I already enthusiastically filled mine out and handed it in. My answer was a definite, "YES." I want to stay at the school and even continue teaching first grade math. 

Looking back things were a bit rough last semester, especially in the beginning. But I have definitely gotten use to this age group and school. There were a few snafus with one of the homeroom teachers, mostly over communication and misunderstandings. Yet this semester has been steaming along quite nicely. 

There is the drama festival we are working on, which has caused a lot of schedule changes. Yet I am trying my best to be a trooper and follow along.

I am really hoping to get good news at the end of this month. Halloween has never really been a happy time for me lately. Let's hope this year will be different!


  1. Good luck, I hope you are asked to stay! It seems weird that your other schools asked you to not to stay. Like it is more work for them. Did they tell you why? Just curious!

  2. Hi ~ Well if you had read the posts back then...haha

    I wasn't exactly a peach to them at times. But still things could have been worked out better.

    I am doing well at this school, I think. Keeping my chin up!

  3. Oh bummer, I wish you luck this year!! It is so hard to back through all the archives sometimes...

    I love your teaching stories and pictures!


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