Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Living in a rectangular prism can get you down sometimes. There is only so much room for you, your cat and your stuff. That is why last night I stayed up thinking about how I could rearrange my furniture. My goal was to make it so that I could access my art supplies easily, and so wouldn't feel the dread of having to set it up every time.

First I thought I needed to buy another table to devote to my art. But then I realized I use my computer often for photo reference and so could just continue to use the desk I have.

Anyways, the following is how things turned out.
I'm hoping the TV doesn't end up on the floor in pieces. It actually survived when Tom went behind it, so maybe this can work!

Let's hope my aspirations of connecting with my art works out. But for now I am enjoying the breath of fresh space in my little home here. I think it helps that I also boxed up things I don't really use and also made a pile of "donation" stuff.

Now if only I could rearrange the stuff in my personal life as easy as it was today!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    If TV clutters your flat & your life that's YOUR problem! Please don't project it onto others.

    Oh Boy....did I start something?!
    Tangling w/the wrong person on this one.....

  3. Your place looks nice & cozy Joy!

  4. Haha well this TV doesn't take much space actually.

  5. You're right, she didn't ask for advice. Sorry.

  6. Formosa ~ don't worry about it...go ahead and tell me what you think. ;)


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