Monday, October 31, 2011

October Field Trip: Dream Forest

For the October field trip the kiddos were taken to the Dream Forest. This was a good idea as it was close to the school, but a sort of bad idea because we walked a lot.

I didn't know the Dream Forest had a little zoo and so was a bit surprised. Mostly the animals were deer, though.

We headed to the art museum where they took in a show of Robot art, some of which I have seen on display at a different park.

Was there a guide to stop the kids and explain the exhibit or engage them in the theme? No, there wasn't. Instead the Korean homeroom teachers took them along and occasionally made remarks.

After the art exhibit the children were led outside to a large circular area.

Here the homeroom teachers engaged the children in some kind of outdoor games. The group I was with played some kind of run-in-a-circle

After which everyone ate lunch and then got free time to play on the playground.

The last field trip of the year is coming up in November, and I wonder where we will go.

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