Sunday, October 16, 2011

September Field Trip: Natural History Museum

For our September field trip the children were sent to the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History. First the kids sat down for a 3D movie about dinosaurs.

Next everyone was rushed around the museum going to the different sections, some covering Earth science to Biology.

It was fun and all, but the kids hardly had time to examine things and the ones in the back missed out on the Korean explanations.

Outside there was a large sculptural area with huge dinosaurs for kids to touch and play on.
One exhibit, I assumed, talked about the evolution of man and even had life size models for examples.

If you have kids in Seoul I would recommend taking them here as there was a lot to see and quite a few hands-on things. However, it wasn't the Science museum I recall in my childhood where everything was pretty much touchable and playable. Where is that museum, Korea?


  1. are you talking about something like this?

    we want to take our kids here probably on our next trip up to seoul. it looks fun.

  2. Ooo great! Glad to know there is a place like that.


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