Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Possible Cure for Korea's Public Art

If you travel enough around Seoul you start to notice large steel sculptures in front of corporate buildings. At first they look interesting, but after the fiftieth time you start to think it is just some kind of contest.

I found an article that talks about some kind of street artist covering up corporate sculptures. Some kind of new trend.

I think if this person or these people came to Korea, they would have their work cut out for them!


  1. The street artist, I guess he / she does this cover up without corporate approval?
    Yes, agree that in S.Korea said artist would have enormous number of opportunities.
    I wonder if something could also be done about the corporate building architecture?

  2. Yea right~ Could they build something besides another steel/glass box?

  3. I was walking around Gwanghwamun square this evening, looking for a place to eat, and due to having the cover-up story in my ear, starting thinking about what should be covered up in this central location of Seoul. Lots actually.

  4. Oh that area is ripe with corporate sculptures. Would be fun to see someone do something there.


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