Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tom the Cat is One Year Old

Approximately a year ago my ex (sad face) knocked on my door and had with him a box. He said, "Open the box." I did and out popped three little furry and dirty heads.

Since then I have been mom to the sweetest cat there is, Tom. (Except for when my friend took care of him for me for 6 months. Thank you!)

His brothers have since found homes (one at my friends and the other at me ex's). But the time that I have had Tom and grown to love and take care of him, he has become my special little buddy.
It's amazing how much a little animal can grow in just a year, but it just means more warmth and fuzziness.

Tom has given me so much already in just one year. He acts as a prompt alarm clock when I over sleep my alarm. He becomes my bedside buddy in times of homesickness and heartache.

He's there for me when I open the door after stressful days of work and ready to tackle me in the morning.

Happy Birthday my little Tom! I hope you have many more and we get to share more wonders of the world together.

Tribute Video:


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Tom!
    Thank you for being such a good kitty buddy for Joy, I knew she'd fall in love with you! ;) Does she purrrrr for you? ( secret).a

  2. awwww, that's sweet. Reminds me of what it's like to have a sister just got a kitten that I have to go play with sometime soon


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