Friday, October 21, 2011

Gallery Golmok Art Bazaar

Every first and third Sundays Gallery Golmok hosts an Art Bazaar. It is where you can browse their galleries but also enjoy arts and crafts for sale in the alley area. In case you didn't know this gallery is located in Itaewon near the Noksapyeong side. Tucked in an alley-way with colorful walls is also a cafe.

 On display were works by the artist Cho Dae Hee that seemed to glorify the symbol of Nike and basketball. The technique and materials used certainly allowed me to take pause and give a second look.

Outside I found a few artists selling items from paintings to tea cups. It was fun to look around at the offerings, but I felt a little too much like the "foreigner."

To complete my experience I took refuge inside the nearby cafe called, The Alley. This place features a range of drinks from the caffeinated to the alcoholic kind. I sat down with my sketchbook and a cup of "Honey Milk Tea" and soaked in the cool Fall afternoon.

After I had finished my tea and some sketches I took to the backstreet that connects Gallery Golmok and the main area of Itaewon. I wanted to see if anything had changed since my last visit. A few more shoe and clothing shops had opened and there were definitely more people about. But it still had that unknown and fresh vibe to it.

double shadow

I hope they still have this event as the weather turns to chilly cold, but no matter I still recommend you getting out to this little section of Itaewon.


  1. Thanks ~ for some reason the shadows this time of year are great!


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