Thursday, June 16, 2011

Win Them With Your Smile

Open classes are over! All that stress and anticipation has left me like a deep drop in a waterfall. Anyways, I might be bad at making metaphors right now because I really can't believe the results.

I was praised by the parents and the principals. I was told they especially liked me and really liked my smile. Imagine! All I had to do was prop up a huge smile the whole time.

Actually, it is kind of a life-story of mine that I win people over with my smile but that I always forget this. During class even when awkward or bad things happened I just smiled at it and got the kids back on pace. There were a few mishaps, I finished a little early at the start and one kid cried in the afternoon.

But the end result seems all worth it and I finally feel like I have gotten real approval at one of my jobs here in Korea. I hope to take this win and carry it over in to the rest of my days. I've learned a lot teaching in Korea and know that all my experiences culminated to this day of doing it well. Now I know I just need to keep cool with the homeroom teachers and continue doing well in the classroom, and all should be good.

Tom is staring at me so I better go play with him. byeee


  1. Miracles DO happen!
    (Miracles = change of consciousness)
    I'm so happy for you. You've worked v. hard for this acknowledgement & that's some of what came thru in your smile. Your sincerity & appreciation.

    Now.....keep on growing, don't let complacency creep in!


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