Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Fieldtrip: Bugs and Lizards Oh My!

If you have ever wondered whether Seoul children get out there and play in the dirt or pick at bugs, well look no further. For our school took the first grade to a grand bug adventure up near Namyangju. The kids hopped off the bus all sleepy eyed and were walked into a forested area where they dropped off their bags.

Where to?
Of course, on every field trip I never really know where we are going or what we will do. Our first activity was making silk-cocoon crafts.

They were given the materials, samples to look at and then told to do it. It took a bit of figuring out as you had to cut the cocoons in a certain way to make them look like bugs.

After craft time we were put into a small room where butterflies and other winged bugs were on display. The kids had a fun time looking at them and saying, "Wow!"

Our next stop was a walk through a greenhouse where there were many butterflies and moths flying about. What was very amusing was watching the boys freak out over these tiny harmless insects. I had to reassure them that nothing was going to happen.

 Don't touch!

Nearby some flowers...

Next stop was the really fun part of the trip as students entered a building where worms, lizards, bugs, mammals, snakes and other sorts of creatures lived.

First off was a table set with live crawling silk worms. I teased the kids by saying, "Yum! Delicious!"

What I loved most about this part of the trip was that the students came up to me and grabbed my arm saying, "Teacher come look!" I felt like all the months of getting to know them finally paid off as they were enthusiastic to share their discoveries with me.

The park guide allowed the students to see a lizard and give a quick touch.

Then a few students got to have the lizard put on their shirt for a photo opportunity.

The rest of the adventures, before lunch, included going into another tiny room and looking at entombed beetles and bugs of all sorts and then having a lesson on silk worms.

Here they got to experience what it was like to make silk, and I tried it out too.
Lunch came and went with the children playing in spraying water and greeting some of the farm animals.

After lunch we headed out to the riverside, where the students got to play with river eels (I think that is what they were) and get their class photo taken.

I don't think there will be a field trip next month, as we are having tests ...etc. Anyways, I found this trip to be especially fun as I think the kids got a lot of time to explore and well be kids.

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