Saturday, June 11, 2011

3-Alley Pub Lunch and a Movie

Ever since JH returned from his American vacation he has been craving some of the foods he sampled there. One of which is the American burger. I'm not talking about a McDonald's burger but the kind you get at a mom-and-pop restaurant. One that is thick and juicy with a big bun and fresh toppings.

He realized that the usual places to get a burger in Korea, like Kraze Burger, just weren't cutting it. I told him how this is how I feel about pretty much any dining experience in Korea. But I told him there was hope, for Itaewon was known for good burgers.

With a little inquiring, over at the Seoul Patch, I heard that the 3-Alley pub serves up great burgers. So with much anticipation we headed over to Itaewon to see for ourselves if a truly delicious burger exists in Korea.

The 3-Alley Pub wasn't hard to find as our parking spot was just up the hill. Plus the name of the place and the location match, as it is situated within a narrow back-alley of Itaewon. We came during lunch time and the traffic wasn't heavy. The cool air still lingered as summer isn't fully upon us yet.

JH declared the cheeseburger and I the fish and chips item on the menu.

We waited...
Then finally a beautiful spectacle came before our eyes...

As you can see this looks like a very tasty burger and indeed it was. The bun was fluffy and wholesome, while the meat was juicy and seasoned wonderfully. But the most important part was that JH found himself satisfied that there is an "American worthy" burger here in his country.
The fish-and-chips were pretty good, however I concluded the burger was way better and so next time will get that. JH was so pleased with his meal that he proposed we came here every Saturday! I told him if he wants me to grow more fat than sure. haha

After lunch, we meandered around Itaewon for a little bit before heading to TechnoMart for a movie. 
The above was a sign on the pub's window, asking people to not bring in cakes. I found this especially funny. It is common for Koreans to take a cake with them to a bar or restaurant for a special occasion. I suppose this pub doesn't really want that kind of culture in their establishment. Or they are making a joke?

As we walked down towards the main Itaweon street we passed Tartine bakery, which is very famous amongst the food-Kblogosphere for being one of the best in Korea. I definitely was tempted with their window display of goodies. 

We found ourselves later in the new WhatTheBook store, which is so much bigger and brighter than it use to be.

I loved how this store felt like a cozy book-store from back home, and I was more pleased to find they had the author I was looking for. Now my bedtime reading is very much fulfilled. 
If you notice, in the above picture, I left a little something behind on their bulletin board. ;)

Heading back to the car I spotted these "yellow fruits."
Itaewon is a place for many treasure finds, and I think it offers something for everyone.

The movie we saw was KungFu Panda 2 in 3D, which was pretty fun actually. It was my first time experiencing a movie in 3D, and I found it to be a new and exciting way to enjoy a film. However, I would say that your eyes get use to it and by the end of the movie you don't really feel like you are having a 3D experience. I would recommend seeing this movie, because it is one of those laid-back ones that you can just enjoy and have a good time with.

After the movie JH took me over to his neighborhood where I said hello to Tom's brother Tiger, and had dinner at a nangmyeon place nearby.

All in all, a pretty fun day and one that was very satisfying thanks to the 3-Alley Pub.


  1. Glad your SO liked the burger--they have a great menu and the best steak I've had here too. Not kidding on the cakes, either!

    The new WTB must have 3 times more books than before.

  2. What's in the last foto? fish? scallop? mushroom?
    Enjoyed the excursion... (note - "I am used to it" ...use past tense, yeah yeah!!) <3

  3. The last pic is of a watery noodle dish. It comes with a hard boiled egg on top.

  4. I love the new's so cozy!


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