Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cat Sleepover

Hamster's mom found herself a new job and so was moving this weekend. Actually, Hamster's name is now Kaiju. This meant that the third brother of the kitty-cat trio got to stay at my house with his brother Tom.

When I brought Kaiju home Friday evening at first Tom wasn't sure what thing was walking around his house. He followed Kaiju around and finally the two had at it. It wasn't aggressive fighting but more like brotherly love. However, their rumblings lasted all night which wasn't helpful for my already exhausted body.

Thankfully, by Saturday afternoon the two had grown use to each other, and were even caught licking one another.

I have to say it was really heart breaking to see them together again. I could tell Tom remembered him and was happy to have him in his domain. Kaiju seemed okay with being at my place and even started to make himself comfortable.

I just came back home from returning Kaiju to his mom and I can tell Tom is a little sad. He is outside now on his box and sleeping. I hope he isn't upset with me that he's alone again. I hope to get the two together again, as I will need cat sitting myself someday.

He really was a sweetheart, almost sweeter than Tom if you could imagine! This weekend was meant to be an artful one but due to my exhaustion from last week and this cat business, I rested at home. But I hope to get back out there and document the great life that is to be found in Korea.

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  1. Beautiful kitties! Amazing creatures, huh?! Would have one if I could....Charlie's such a great companion, I know you're really enjoying the companionship you've developed w/Tom! Living w/animals really adds an amazing dimension to our lives!


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