Sunday, June 12, 2011

How To Unclog Your Drain in Korea

Have a clogged up drain somewhere in your shoe-box of a house in Korea? Find yourself standing in a hairy-watery mess in your shower? Or perhaps you were like me finding the water in the bathroom sink not draining and making it hard to keep up on cleanliness.

Have no fear for the 배수관청소기, or as I like to call it the, "Korean Hand Drain-Snake." Well, you can call it whatever you want but this thing really helps in this situation.
Where to Find:
  •  I found mine at the Daiso shop inside Lotte Mart. So you can find these inside a Daiso, which are located around Korea. Also I hear that folks sell them on the subway, so if you see someone peddling them it might be your easy chance to get one. This one cost just 1,000 Won.
How To Use:
  •   It's pretty straightforward. 
  • Shove this thing down the clogged drain and then pull it out.

CAUTION: Be prepared to be grossed out by what comes up. Out of mine came hair and clumps of very dark mud. To help yourself from not getting too dirty wear gloves and have a bucket ready to scrap off the excess into. (JH helped me in this picture and he opted not to wear gloves.)
  • Put the thing in and out a few times.
  • Before pulling it out make it go up and down, trying to scrap up many particles. 
  • After several times give the area a rinse and you will notice the water going straight down, unlike before.
  • Clean everything up.
  • You can save the "Snake" for another time or recycle it. (Usually meant for just a couple of uses.)
There you have it! Anytime you wonder how to fix your extremely clogged and smelly drain, here in Korea, this is the solution. 


  1. You can help avoid the problem in the first place by being conscientious and not allowing hair, etc... to go down the drain and clog it up! I'm sure you've thought of that....right?!!

  2. It was clogged when I moved in. :(

  3. the nice thing about a 1000 won drain unclogger is, if you have to put it in some filthy water, you can just throw it away instead of feeling like you should clean it and keep it around.


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