Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jenny's Bread & Hongdae's Streets

As you might have gathered by now I spent a good amount of time in Hongdae recently, and instead of posting everything in one shot I'm breaking things up. In this post, I'm going to take you to one of my favorite lunch spots, Jenny's Bread. I have been to this place several times, and you can catch a 2010 post here and a 2011 post here.

I think the challenging part is finding the location, however it is quite easy. Instead of the plain looking shop that marks the side-street entrance, there now stands a juice place. So if you see this juice-joint, take a right and head up the hilly street.

As things curve and you go up more, you will come to the first left. Take this and you'll soon see Jenny's Bread on the right.

The place wasn't too packed, just a few folks enjoying a good meal. I had the mushroom sandwich lunch special. This means I got their usual pumpkin soup, which was scrumptious!

The sandwich was as delightful as usual, with home made fries on the side. What's great about this place is the freshness in the quality of their dishes, and the care to which they understand taste. Even the ice-tea came to me unsweetened and was very refreshing.

It was a great meal, indeed and I enjoyed seeing a street cat and trashed shoe on the way out.

I meandered back into the crowded streets of Hongdae, passing the park that has an open arts-and-crafts market every weekend.

I really enjoyed the above hand-crafted jewelry and bought myself a ring. I hope to come back again and find this vendor so to be able to unload the cash.

Hongdae is always full of surprises and new places are popping up everywhere.

Now for some bonus black-and-white shots:


  1. have you been to Jenny's Bread three times without trying the mushroom salad? That's the best part!

  2. Hello Joy, I've been reading your blog for a while now, I've read about Jenny's Bread in alot of Blogs O_O, I'm planning a trip to Korea later this year and would love to check it out or just hang around with people I (sort of) know (through their blogs hehe)


  3. Hi Gisela...sure you should head to this restaurant! :) also if you want to meet up you can contact me at joybot_0@hotmail.com



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