Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Works: Winter 2011 ~ Present

"Market" 2011, Watercolor on paper

The above work is an example of recent works I have made since last winter and up to now. Production of my works have been arguably slow and I'm still trying to find what I'm looking to make. But I've taken off on this urban theme and views from the street.

"Apartment" 2011, Watercolor on paper

At one point I was taken by the shadows on the adjacent building across from me. Since this is my only view from my window, I tend to romanticize about the happenings on the other side.

"Through the window" 2011, Watercolor on paper

Then I started to look through the glass door windows of the apartment adjacent to me. I am sure spying on my neighbors isn't the best hobby to pick up, but I enjoyed seeing into the lives of my Korean neighbors. I fixed on one window with what looked like a single mom feeding her daughter. It was a humble scene and I wanted to capture it somehow, with another window next to it.

"Signs Alive" 2011, Watercolor on paper

The next thing I knew I found myself on Daum's street view, which is just like Google's street view. From here I was able to prowl around the streets of Korea, and what fascinated me the most were the signs. The above is a collage of a building, signs and a photo I have of some flowers in a nearby forest.

"Pot" 2012, Watercolor on paper

Instead of focusing on the buildings and the structural aspects I started to take away just the Hangul text. It resonates with me how living in Korea you are surrounded by Hangul, and although I can read it, for the most part it is just imagery.

"Beautiful" 2012, Watercolor on paper

"Fall" 2012, Watercolor on paper

This is where we are at today, and I'm still not sure about this series. I still feel like I am just filling in between the lines with paint and Hangul. I am thinking getting back to my street scenes. Anyway, thoughts of yours would be welcomed.


  1. No way.. the hangeul ones are AWESOME!

  2. These are pretty amazing.
    You make the pedestrian synthetic -fabric street umbrellas look unique and nice.

    All the other ones were great as well, /i think the pot one and the single mother one might be myfavorites.


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