Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plot Predictions for Rooftop Prince or 옥탑방 왕세자

Although the Korean drama "Rooftop Prince" or 옥탑방 왕세자, ended last week I find myself just starting to watch it. Actually, I don't keep up with the K-dramas these days as I started to get turned off due to the usual story line coming up over and over. But through the blah-blah wheel that is the internet, I decided to give this one a try. So far it has me interested, but I've only seen the first two episodes. Usually, the first handful of episodes are the best parts of a K-drama, then it sort of starts to get into a routine until the last handful of episodes. 

While watching the second episode I started to predict what will happen in this series, and thought it would be a fun blog post. That is why I am here today to give you my predictions for how things will go down in this 20 episode ride-of-fun. 

Brief Intro:
The drama starts out in the Joseon dynasty period of Korea, which is 300 years ago. Basically you've got the tale of the "Crown Prince" growing up, getting a princess and then discovering her dead in a nearby pond. Officials say it was an accident, he declares it murder and puts a team together to solve the mystery. While they pursue the case a team of assassins is hot on their trail, and as they leap off a cliff the story shifts and they end up in present day Seoul.

They end up in a girl's house, which is a "rooftop" style. Out here people live in "Villas" which is a smaller apartment complex with several floors. On the roof you can find a smaller sized box-house up top. Usually for storage but people renovate it for living in, and that is the case here.

So you got this twist of two worlds coming together, but that's not all. In the present world you have two step-sisters who hate each other, a dead guy who looks like the prince and some more sob stories. 

The main theme so far is that a rich family lost their son in America. A cousin of this family actually murdered that guy and so is now trying to claim his seat in the family business. Anyways, the Crown Prince looks like that guy so there is the scandal.

  • The Crown Prince and the Girl (sorry I don't know recall her name) from the rooftop dwelling fall in love. Their love gets torn apart at some point and they fight to be together. His minions find love too.
  • The Crown Prince ends up taken in by the rich family, cousin gets jealous and worried and causes a scandal.
  • Step-sister to girl in rooftop uses her fury to wreak havoc on step-sister. She is also in love with the evil cousin dude, but probably they break up. 
  • At some point some of the cast end up on Jeju.
  • They solve the murder mystery but it has a twist to being related to the modern world somehow. 
Anyways, it's been a fun drama to watch so far, and the male actors are cute. I hope this one doesn't disappoint and gives a somewhat realistic if not fantasy related ending. 

For a good source on the first episode and to get a better feel for the show go to the Dramabeans site. 

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