Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daring Skinship?!

In that MBC video there is a part where they say how daring the couples are for touching each other and kissing. You would think that couples between two Koreans don't show public affection. The reality is that for a long time public displays of affection were shunned here, and they still are to some degree. But I can tell you things seem to have dramatically changed these days.

I was at the Cheongyecheon last night near Gwanghwamun and there were plenty of cuddling couples to be seen. Scandalous!

This is that beautifully redesigned stream in the Jongno area, which has been featured in a lot of dramas. I saw couples kissing (not just a peck on the cheek), I saw row after row of couples on each other's laps kissing by the stream.  I felt a little out of place, as the long time I have been in Korea I have never seen so much romantic hanky-panky in public here. Sure it was dark out, but still things were well lit. Yet, it didn't bother me too much and I was pleased to see young couples not caring and letting passion consume them in public.

So then what's so scandalous about mixed couples being intimate in public if Korean couples do it too? This is basically just another way of me saying to hell with this video. It's rubbish and I hope the out lash against it spawns an organized group of people willing to take on racism and discrimination in this country.

Till then...keep on trucking everyone with your hanky-panky naughtiness!


  1. Thanks for your thoughts Joy - really well spoken!

  2. Lol, right when I was reading this I looked out my bedroom window and saw a Korean-Korean couple full on making out (yes with tongue) in the parking lot. Granted, I am in KTown ATL but still, hanky-panky happens with full Korean couples so...-sticking out tongue to MBC- ^^


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