Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preliminaries to the Seoul Drum Festival

If you happen to be in the City Hall section of town lately, on a weekend, and hear some drumming, well it's not in your head. From September 24th to the 26th Seoul is hosting a list of banging concerts for you to enjoy. This past weekend I met up with some ladies to enjoy the preliminaries where groups were competing for the finals.

As you can see I didn't catch the main program but still managed to see quite a feast of drumming.

Actually, what was on stage were schools giving their performance and trying to make it into the finals. I suppose my guests and myself included thought we were there for the big festival, but soon found out it was just a competition.
Despite this minor set back we still enjoyed our time together and took off for Tomatillo to have some delicious Mexican inspired lunch.

Afterwards we headed to the Cheonggyecheon to stroll along the path and enjoy a peaceful moment in Seoul.

I like the following picture because this couple reminds me of photos from the 1950's.

With Fall already here the sky has been a dazzling show of varying cloud formations and colors.

After getting some ice-cream we headed back to the festival arena to see some more performances before heading home. It seemed we were in the midst of catching the better acts, as things sounded and looked a whole lot more pumped up.

This group of highschool girls and boys were very lively and indeed you could tell they were giving it their all to the judges. The smiles seemed a bit forced, but I guess that is what you have to do.

 Accompanying their performance were movements made with fans and now and then they moved around their instruments.

Overall, they gave a smashing performance and I really hope they move on to the finals. Since the real festival is coming up this weekend, I would highly suggest checking it out and enjoying the fall air while experiencing some great culture.


  1. haha, when were you there? I was there on Saturday just after noon :-) I hadn't realized it was just the preliminaries...

  2. A very interesting and nice event. And the City Hall looks far better now then on April, when I visited Seoul. I loved Cheonggyecheon! I wrote about the area in my blog.


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