Monday, September 5, 2011

Korean Product Review: 궁중딱볶이

Although I mostly cook western food at home there are times when I give Korean a try. Maybe making ramyeon doesn't count, so I thought it best to try something new. The above is a pre-packaged meal I found at the store near the cold noodle section. For those who don't know these ingredients basically what we have here is a rice-cake (ddukk), beef and vegetable stew like mix.

First off you should know that I am one of the few foreigners out there who does not like Ddeokbokki. When I first tried it I found the sauce incredibly unappealing and ever since shunned the street-food dish. But the ddeokk part is something that comes up in other dishes and I have since enjoyed them.

I took this package home and after a bit of translation from JH was able to make it. As you can see I added fresh mushrooms and bok choy to give it a fresh flavor.

The mushrooms were sauteed first...

And then the rice cakes were rinsed over water.
Everything was added to the pan. It cooked for a while, allowing the juices to collect in everything. The following picture is one of Tom stealing my seaweed from the table.
The result was all right, except I found the sauce to be too watery. The flavor was also a bit so-so and didn't really have the same gusto that I have had when eating this dish elsewhere.
However, as someone new to Korean cooking this packaged assortment made it easy and quick to cook. Plus you can add extra stuff to it to make it better. Therefore, if you are in the store I would keep an eye out for this one as it would make a great quick meal during your busy week.

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