Thursday, September 15, 2011

Browning Out

Got to my building and approached the elevator. Waited for it. Then the digital sign went blank. A woman came by and was amazed and asked the Ahjusshi what's up, but he didn't seem to know. Then the lady decided to take the stairs. Yet she came back and the power went back on, so we got in the elevator together. It was a bit tense as she was on the 6th and me the 12th floor. I made it to my house, but as soon as I sat down the power went out again. Just glad I wasn't in the elevator.

~end of story~


  1. yes, cannot imagine if u stuck in the elevator,
    luckily u r not :)

  2. My boss told me the brown-out was nation-wide.

    Daegu lost power for about two hours.

  3. It would have been very unpleasant into the elevator! Just think at the claustrophobic persons! Good for you to be already in the apartment.


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