Friday, September 16, 2011

Friends, Food and Folly

I was able to have this incredible view because a certain somebody (Roboseyo) invited me to a gathering of good friends on Gae-eun Mountain. Getting to the park area was quite a feat as it was nestled atop a very steep mountain road. I have to say that I clearly know how out of shape I am, because of that hill.

But the fun of hiking uphill didn't stop there as Rob took us into the forest towards a waterfall.

The waterfall was on a break and instead there was a just a nice canyon and a very strong bridge.

Whenever you go spend time with Rob you never stay in one place. The dude knows Seoul like the back of his hand, which I hope he knows well. We headed down the mountain and to the cafe, "Club Espresso."
I for one cannot drink coffee, however I love the smell and at one time enjoyed drinking it. However, most coffee places I have been to in Korea never really have that real "coffee shop" aroma to it. This place, on the contrary, was full of that dense coffee scent. Definitely, it is not a secret to Korean folks as the place was packed and quite busy on this post-Chuseok day.

More folks joined us and soon we were outside having lively conversations about severe dieting and places people have traveled to. But the sun was going down and it was time to head to our last destination for supper.
We came to the neighborhood of Seoul where the Sangmyung University is located. Taking a turn around a corner we headed up a neighborhood street towards a place called, "Song's Kitchen."

Here Rob promised good eats in a good atmosphere, which is what we got. But due to it being the day after Chuseok the service was quite messed up. Unfortunately, we weren't served our meal until 50 minutes after ordering and that was after a friendly reminder by our good friend Jennifer or Gomushin Girl.

Because we were served so late I was too hungry to remember to take photos of our food. However, I would highly recommend the new white sauce pizza. After some time a few more folks arrived and some people ordered a drink that is a combination of beer and coffee. The following is what it looks like.

The night roared on for the rest of the people at this table, but as for me I headed home to my Tom. In retrospect it was a good evening with great friends and was a nice way to see how far things have come in my three years living in Korea.


  1. Beer and coffee? Two of my favorite things - but in the same glass? at the same time? Someone needs to tell me how that works, if it does at all.

    To be frank, I am skeptical, but I'm not a good enough scientist to try it out

  2. Nice day-trip! Those little places you have been afterwards look great!


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