Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Chuseok

My Chuseok has been rather uneventful this year. As you might recall I went to Geoje island last year with JH and had a spectacular time. This year JH and I are going through some kind of rough patch. We are both concerned about our futures. Because of this we haven't done much together this Chuseok. Despite this I am trying to take myself places. I went to some festival downtown in Jogno yesterday and hope to meet up with good pals today.

I'll update a little here on JH so you guys are up to speed. He found out he can't get a loan for a new place because the banks would like him to have experience living on his own first. So instead of his family breaking apart they are just going to move out together and find a new place. This relieved the pressure off of this situation, so I am glad things are less stressful for him there. But really our relationship has taken some turns that I don't particularly like. I am going to keep all this stuff private still, but thought my readers would like a little insight into my life right now.

Cool nights are already here and I have changed my wardrobe. Long sleeve shirts are on the hangers and pants ready to go. Thankfully summer is still lingering with warm days. With all this personal stuff in my life I hope this winter will be somehow good to me.

Anyways, enjoy your Chuseok and have a great Fall season.

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