Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Naminara Republic Experience Part 3

Here we are at the final entry about Nami Island and my time there a few weeks ago. The last bits of our moments on the island were spent strolling through a ceramics museum and taking in the view of a nice park.

Along the way running into a few oddball things and a pool where kids paddled around.

We stopped for ice-cream and I found out that if you order the "cone size" you get double the amount.

Nearby was live music being performed with a nice-sized crowd listening. 
At the Art Handicraft Studio we saw works that were very beautiful but also quite expensive. But this might be due to that they were made by the artist Kim Pan Ki, who may or may not be famous or a living treasure.

Afterwards, we found ourselves in a gift shop that had a lot of cute stuff.

 Actually, I regret not buying one of these necklaces.

We found ourselves at this park where couples and families were having picnics. It was a great stretch of green space and had a nostalgic feeling to it, like I was in a park back home.
Except, there was one aspect that was quite strange and that is the site of Ahjumma groups doing their "initiation" rituals. This has been growing in popularity in Korea, where groups of middle-aged women and men come together, go to a park and take part in bonding games. Except these bonding games can seem a bit strange, and often include singing and dancing. Yet, it does add to the whole cultural experience.
We went back to the ferry dock and waited in line to leave the great Naminara Republic and head back to our normal lives. 

I hope you have enjoyed my series and wasn't to inundated with Nami Island. Thanks.


  1. A very informative post, documented by nice photos!

  2. ....what happened to your new hairdo?
    Is this an island off the coast in the China Sea near Seoul?

  3. Mom if you had read Part 1 you would know this is an island in the center of a river.

    My hair seems wasn't a major cut...more like a trim.


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