Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Naminara Republic Experience Part 2

All that walking and site seeing worked up an appetite and we were ready for lunch. We came upon the section with cafes and restaurants. Here we managed to discover that there was a place offering organic servings or curry and other rice-like meals. It was a little tough to find, but we managed.

Lunch at The Eco Cafe:

It sure was a real treasure find, as it wasn't crowded and had a lovely outdoor seating scene. JH ordered curry with rice and I ordered mushrooms with rice, both of which were very delicious.
(Organic kiwi juice on the left and cooled tea 결명자차 on the right)

We were informed that everything, from the rice to the radish-kimchi side dish, was organic. It certainly tasted a lot more fresh than most places I have been. We rested and caught up on the usual couple chit-chat and then were finally satisfied and continued with our exploration of the island.

We headed towards the infamous Metasequoia Lane, which is where that drama Winter Sonata had a famous scene. However, I have never watched this Korean drama, but from what I hear it is a pretty famous one both locally and internationally.

Metasequoia Lane
As somebody who lived near the redwood forests in Humboldt County, it was certainly refreshing to see these towering trees once again. I seemed to have forgotten just how tall they can get. 

After we finished our stroll through this" Giant-Tree lane", we ended up at the riverside. Here we relaxed and watched some boats go by, while taking in the warmth of the sun.

Next we headed down a narrow-wooden path that took us through "Redwood Lane". I found this one particularly interactive and fun. Also it is where many pensions (hotels) were that you could rent for a hefty sum.

One such pension-house had some interesting sculptures nearby.

Where to go next?
We went around the bend that was at the far-end of the island and came to a bridge, which was quite precarious to walk on.
We come to the end of "Part 2" of this adventure, but don't worry I will wrap everything up with Part 3. Hopefully, also include that video I mentioned. Looking back on this day, at Nami Island, has me all nostalgic inside. It definitely felt great to get out of Seoul and into the woods (even it was full of people).

Stay in touch for part 3...

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