Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hair & Joy = Best Place to get a Hair Cut

When it comes to getting your hair cut in Korea I have been here and there trying to find the best place. My needs are a bit different as I have naturally curly hair and don't want someone to style it up after the cut. I just want someone who knows what they are doing and enjoys it too. Places I have had my haircut include: EunhaBNC in Gangnam, Zen Art (cut it way too short), and EunhaBNC in Ewha. All of which got the job done but I never really went back or felt that confident in the hairdresser.

From recommendations and a little research I heard about Hair&Joy in Hongdae, and so figured why not give them a shot.
The Review:
  • Feel of the Salon: The place was very modern and clean. It looked like the kind of salon that is hip but also relaxing to sit in. JH and I arrived a little early and were seated and offered juice to drink. The place seems highly outfitted for doing hair-dying so if you need that done looks like they are ones to do it. 
  • English: The English website and the exchanged English words on the phone were enough to convince me that this place wasn't new to serving foreign clientele. Inside they even had English language popular magazines for you to browse and most of the staff spoke English, including my hairdresser.
  • Haircut Experience: I was seated down for my consultation, which was brief but the hairdresser seemed to get what I was requesting (long layers and try to thin out the hair in the back of my head). Next I got the usual hair wash treatment, but this came with an extra scalp massage which was quite refreshing. After being sat back down for the hair cut I watched as the hairdresser (a guy) carefully and with precision cut my hair. After awhile we finally chit-chatted with each other. He asked me about how I style my hair, and wanted to know if I usually straighten it, which I don't. He dried my hair and then checked it again to see if it was allright cutting here and there. I have to say I think he might have been too cautious, but the haircut did come out allright and satisfying. 
  • Will I go back? Yes! The place had many other foreign clientele, including a kid and an older lady. In other words, I could tell this was the hidden secret of hair salons in Seoul to go to. My hairdresser gave me his business card so I now know who to go to when I return. Also the price of everything was VERY reasonable and so much cheaper than back home.
  • Should you go? Yes again! I would say just go straight to this place and don't mess with one that may or may not speak English. From what I hear JunoHair has a good reputation, as illustrated by EatYourKimchi. But that is a franchise, and who knows if the JunoHair in your neighborhood will be hit or miss. I saw men at the salon too, so guys you can look forward to a good cut at this place. Ladies! ... My hairdresser was pretty hot, I have to say, and I did my best to clamp down on my blushing since JH was a breath away. But for you single will definitely get a kick out of the cute male-staff at the salon. haha
How do you get there?? You can check the website for more details or just read below:
Take exit 8 from Hongik University Station
(located on both subway line 2 and the new AREX Airport Express Line).
Cross the street, turn right and walk to the intersection.
Turn left. On your left is the colorful Lotte Cinema.
We are located on the right side of the street.
Follow the pink “HAIR & JOY” sign to the 3rd floor.
For more info, call Johnny
Mobile: 010-5586.0243
Phone: 02-363.4253
**Sorry I didn't get pictures as the camera was left at home.**
However! I took one before my shower this is what I look like...


  1. Hi, do you know if they cut guys hair? I have a wedding to go to so don't want to risk a barber who doesn't speak english. Also how much are they roughly?

  2. Hi,
    I think they cut men's hair, as it was on the list of services. But likely around 30,000 Won.
    I hope that helps.... Hair and Joy in Hongdae might be easier for men's cuts.


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