Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Forest (북서울꿈의숲) in Pictures

When I go out on an adventure I take a lot of pictures and then when I come home to post about it, I am not shy with holding back. I love reading other folks blogs that have lots of pictures and I hope you enjoy it here too. Today you are going to get another photo-excursion this time with it featuring the Dream Forest in Seoul.

The entrance...

Cool and shady area near the entrance to the Changnyeongwigung Ancestral Shrine.

It was a beautiful clear spring day, and the air was warming up. We made our way past the large walking path and up into the woods for a fresher feeling.

Back on the large path we headed towards the Dream Forest Museum of Art in search of a proper place to eat lunch. However the cafe at the museum served only drinks and waffles.

We pressed on towards the Observatory, which was reached by passing the Mirror Pond, Performance and Concert halls. 

To get to the top of the Observatory you could either climb up a large flight of stairs or take this sideways elevator. Guess which one we took?

Once up in the Observatory you were granted a broad and lovely view of the Northeastern section of Seoul. From here you could see many mountains, such as Suraksan. 
Dream Forest Observatory where a drama ‘IRIS’ was filmed, provides a fantastic view of Bukhansan Mt., Dobongsan Mt. and Suraksan Mt. to the north while N-tower and Hangang River to the south.

Leaving the Observatory, we made our way past the "Mei Lin" Chinese restaurant since an hour wait was too long for us. We ventured past the Mirror Pond once more.

Finding our way to the Family Restaurant "La Foresta", which is serenely placed next to the "Iris Garden" we found some simple eats for lunch. Note there were no iris' to be found in that garden.
 Donkatsu for lunch....which was more delicious than expected.
 Afterwards we strolled around the stream and enjoyed watching children play on the "Imaginable Children's Playground."

Rawr! I took out my macro-lens and got intimate with the flowers.

Next we made our way back to the Mirror Pond to view children having fun in the water.

Sometimes trash doesn't always make it into the bag. The adventure into the Dream Forest was a welcoming one, since it offered a green escape from the streets of Seoul. However, it was a bit like the Children's Park in that there were a lot of people there. But I think if one explored the hiking paths they would definitely feel a bit more of the "forest" side of this park.

All in all, I recommend you make your way up to this large space in the Northern part of Seoul. Just get your way to Line 4 and get off at Miasamgeori station. Take exit 1 and hop on the #9 or #11 bus, you will definitely see the park stop if you keep your eye out. 

Afterwards, finish your trip with some delicious and cool gelato...


  1. It doesn't look very "dreamy" to me though... hahaha but yea it's so nice to escape from the city once in a while.

  2. If you hiked enough I think the daze of that would make things dreamy haha


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