Monday, May 23, 2011

Korean High School Life: Perspective

Got this from Ahlumdapda's site first, but want to spread the word. An American high school student in Korea, with intentions on making a documentary about the culture here, ends up finding so much more. Watch her video and possibly take part in her cause.

Certainly, even it at the young age I teach the pressure to do good in school and be beautiful has already affected them. Only they get to leave school at 2:30 instead of 9pm.


  1. wow, thanks for posting this. hope it's ok that i post it too. i think it's a great idea for a film and would love my daughter to see it one day.

  2. Of course! Looks like the creator wants it to spread around. :)

  3. Isn't it awesome!? I have tried so, so hard to explain sang-ka-pul to my family/friends living in the West, and this video manages to do it in five minutes or so. I totally donated 10 bucks via kickstarter

  4. you can check out the new website for the film at

    the video there has some new footage :)


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