Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring in Olympic Park

Last Sunday I declared it a "buddy day" and decided to meet my friend from my old neighborhood to check out what has bloomed in Olympic Park. The above pictures were taken on my ride to the park in JH's car.

Before my friend and I ventured into the park we stopped for a bite to eat at the Oriental Spoon near Jamsil station. I enjoyed some pad Thai noodles.

Some people probably went to Yeoido park and enjoyed the cherry blossom festival there. However, I felt it would have been too crowded for my liking and so chose the very large Olympic park instead. There weren't a plethora of cherry blossom trees like there probably are at the Han River, but we had a good time strolling about and seeing what we could find.

I caught these kids running in action.
We turned a corner and before our eyes was a sky of petals.

The weather was warm and with a slight cool breeze, which is a contrast compared to this week which is cloudy and cool. There were many families and couples having picnics.

Moving on we crossed a lake where we saw a heron or ibis take flight.

The Olympic Park is quite a huge space and offers many different paths to walk on. We could have taken an easy route but decided to go up a hill, instead. I think it was a good decision since beyond the hill were not so many people and it seemed like there was this hidden meadow.

Seeing couples made me miss JH.

I liked this bike nestled next to these flowers.

Later we took a rest on a bench next to a tree where I took the typical "up-a-tree" shot.
Now we took a curving path and headed back towards the beginning of our walk. On the way there were these kids who seemed very engaged in a conversation.

Magnolias, which reminded my friend of the movie Magnolia.

Before heading back to the subway station we checked in at the De Chocolate Cafe for some cool drinks. It was great to get out with a friend and do something in the warm spring sun.
Oddly enough the subway station had a huge advertisement going for the next winter Olympics.
Even though this week looks like a mix of sunshine and rain, I was really pleased to feel the warm weather again. Also, I would highly recommend getting out to this park and others as I am sure most of them feature lovely spring flowers.


  1. Thanx Joy....beautiful spring foliage & views of Seoul life. What's that huge winged structure? And no foto of your friend? I really miss those spring plants/flowers from my childhood that only grow in Northern climates!

  2. I love looking at your photos especially those trees that are manicured-like perfectly. Your flower and petal photos are refreshing.

  3. Thank you...I'm really loving using my new camera. But I try my best to capture a good scene.

  4. Hi, there! I will come to Seoul on Saturday, for an 8 days trip. I am glad to see your beautiful photos because Olympic Park is on my list to see. I only hope there will still be some cherry flowers for me, somewhere...

  5. By Saturday they should still be around. If not those than other blossoms. :) Have a great trip!


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