Monday, April 11, 2011

Nowon Eats: Old Delhi

Last week, on a rainy evening, I embarked on having dinner together with coworkers in the hip part of Nowon. This is known as the "Culture Street" which is nearby the large Lotte Department store. The plan was to go to an Indian restaurant to celebrate some birthdays at work. But, I didn't know where this place was and so waited nearby the "clown statue" for the group.

We walked down the street and came to the Indian restaurant called, Old Delhi and went upstairs. The place was nicely decorated with a warm atmosphere to it. You could smell curry and other spices in the air, yep I knew we were at a Indian restaurant. Their menu was pretty extensive with many curries, rice dishes and soups on the menu. They also had a "fusion" menu with donkatsu and Japanese-version curry, but I think it would be silly to order from this part. Anyways, my friend and I decided to share a dal (lentil) and marsala curry with naan.

Both were very good and exceptionally yummy with the accompanying naan and complimentary spiced rice. I was very pleased to see the curry portions as most places sometimes just give you a small dish of it. The prices were also decent and they had a good selection of tandoori chicken. I hope to come back again and try something else off the menu.

On my way home I spotted a mural on a wall, which accompanies the atmosphere since this area of Nowon comes alive at night with people visiting the hofs and galbi places.


  1. Hmm.. it makse me feel like Indian food..>< I miss my Tanduri chicken..TT

  2. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for the article I am always interested in new indian spots, and all because of you very curious to check out nowon. haven't been there yet I linked you on our blogspot at I hope you don't mind. fel free to use use as a place to link your stuff about Korea



  3. Oh no problem. I will put up a link to your site on here.

  4. Hello,
    I'm really interested in trying this restaurant.
    Is it still there? And how exactly do you get to it?

  5. Yes it is still there.

    Head out of Nowon station to the "culture Street" This is past the big Lotte Department Store. Turn left onto the street with a shoe store and Apple store. Find the clown statue in the center. Turn right. Just keep walking down this street. You'll find another statue in the center of the road. The building is on the left and you can see their sign. I think a seafood restaurant is underneath. Hope taht helps! Try foursquare for a map


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