Friday, April 15, 2011

Job Satisfaction

Maybe it is because I didn't have six classes as usual today or that spring is here. I am sure there is a reason but whatever it is I feel really satisfied with my job in Korea, right now. It's the fourth job and I suppose after many trials and errors I have come to a point where I like my work. I wasn't trained to be a teacher but I feel I have learned and survived through enough that I am capable of the job.

I guess it could be that the kids are transitioning out of their kindy-selves and into first graders. Really, though I feel like this job suits me and I am starting to enjoy being in a room full of feisty children. One thing though that has really helped is that I don't do any coteaching anymore. I don't have to worry about coordinating things with someone who doesn't understand me and won't take the time to try.

Anyways, I want to send a message out there to other teachers in Korea who feel like they can't do this job well. That message is to keep going and know that eventually you will master the art of teaching young Koreans English. I have always thought deep inside myself that I really couldn't do this kind of work, but nowadays I feel I can. So can you!

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  1. That's why it was so thought you couldn't do it...once you think you can do something it really aids the self in doing it!
    GO JOY!
    (Proud Mama here...)


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