Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Sweet in the Air

Time rolls along and before you know it the air smells a lot sweeter than before. You look around and notice that spring is cracking out of the frozen icy shell that is winter. What a relief it is to see the beautiful blossoms again!

After work I went around the area and soaked in such beautiful scenery.

Last spring the fresh flowers and green plants gave me a lot of positive energy to get me through my previous school. Now I think I will try to use the same energy to adjust being a first grade teacher.

Even though there are numerous cherry blossom festivals around Korea, you have to give thanks to the ones you see on a daily basis. I know that as soon as the petals fly off into the air, the scenery will be a lot more green and the air warmer.

Around the apartment complexes here is a local watering hole. Well it is actually an area to get fresh water. Many people come with empty large plastic bottles, fill them up and then go back home.

Took a picture of a grandma...

Enjoy the spring and forget about the winter.

1 comment:

  1. Thanx Joy....the fotos are beautiful!
    Keep 'em coming!
    Funny .... a "watering hole" is used as an euphemism for a local dive type tavern or bar!
    Took me a minute to see it was REALLY a watering hole; place where WATER was available!!


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