Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Afternoon That Got Swept Away

Although getting home at five PM is pretty sweet compared to most jobs in life, my afternoon today was a little bit different from usual. I was thinking of going to Lotte Mart to pick up some things, but then decided I didn't feel like eating dinner there. When I entered the entrance of my apartment complex the Ahjusshi was there along with another fellow. The Ahjusshi asked me something, but I didn't know what he was saying. However, it sounded pretty serious. The only thing I made out of it was a number, and so I figured he needed some payment.

Actually, when I moved in the previous teacher/tenant gave me a bag of money and a payment slip. He told me to head to the management office and pay it next month. Well time has passed, and I did go to the management office last month. But they only took half my payment. So I figured the Ahjusshi today was trying to get me to pay the rest.

I went up to my apartment gave Tom a quick hello, grabbed the money and went back down stairs. But apparently there were issues. To make a long story short this involved another teacher at my school, calling my team leader and following the management guy around till we fixed this. Ends up I didn't need to pay anything since the school took care of it. So now I have this bag of money and should responsibly return to the right person.

Home life these days seems so adult like and dull. I suppose it is just normal, but when you think of someone living abroad you probably think every second of their life is exciting. I don't know about you but doing laundry two times a week, cleaning up after your pet cat, making and cleaning up dinner for one, blah well not exactly the highlight of my life.

But that's just it, even though I am living abroad life seems to steam along pretty normally like it did back home. I suppose I have globalization to thank for my being able to carry out this "modern life" in another country.

Oh I did need to go to the store anyways, since I needed bread. Ah the usual bread run. The thing is the good kind of bread (that is natural or made of wheat) is to be found at bakery stores. In America you can get a whole loaf of bread, but in Korea the good bread comes in only half size. This means it runs out quickly. I suppose I could buy two halves of bread, but I seem to fear the second one will rot while I eat the first one.

Isn't that exciting!


  1. Doing laundry, cleaning up after my cat, and making dinner for one is exactly my 'exciting' expat life :-)

  2. Do you have a freezer in your frig?
    The other 1/2 loaf would keep nicely there in a zip lock bag. That's what I do when Publix has a BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)!
    What the heck to you expect anyway? least there's no negative drama lurking in your "adult expat life" there in Seoul! Spice things up w/a class (say Korean language, or education) or lecture, concert, etc... series tix or what happened to those meet-ups u were scheduling, etc...?? Now that it's spring, go out & sketch/paint in the evening...Take Tom w/u on a leash, he'd probably love to roll in & eat some fresh green grass!
    OK enough of Momz' suggestions....BIG HUGS!

  3. ps... give the money back to the rightful owner...bad juju karma if you spend it or don't give it back for sure!

  4. Jane I suppose it is pretty exciting haha. Mom ~ good ideas. There really isn't any grass here for him to eat. I got him a leash but still getting him use to it. Even if I Join classes to make my life more exciting I still have to do all that stuff mentioned. but that's life!


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