Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taste of Greek: Santorini Taverna

Located at the "start" of Itaewon street, or near the Noksapyeong station area, is the restaurant Santorini Taverna. This is a sister-restaurant to the main Greek place nearby. I recently had a bite here with some friends of mine from the area.

I've like Greek food for it's sumptuous flavors and use of yogurt, so I was looking forward to an "authentic" Greek meal. Whether it was authentic or not, I can't really say. But all in all it was pretty tasty.

The interior gives you a view of the street of Itaewon, and the setting is pretty much casual. I kind of got a little peeved they were playing Abba music. But, what can you do?

My friend and I ordered the spinach popovers appetizer, while we waited for number 3 to show up. It came out looking delicious and tasted that way too. A little bit oily, but otherwise the spinach and feta mix inside was quite yummy.

For the main course we all shared the gyro and pita set plate, mostly because it was 19,000 for just one. For the price we weren't too impressed with quantity, considering they only gave us 3 pitas. We had to order more pita bread, at a cost.

Otherwise this was very scrumptious and fun to chow down.

I would recommend coming here, but to go with pals as the menu is a bit pricey for one person. This is the first Greek place I have tried in Itaewon, so I'm not sure if it is the best.

I wonder if making Greek food at home is easy? hmmm


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I'm not a fan. Far too expensive and I've had a bad experience at their other location behind the Hamilton Hotel. When we ate there our spinach and feta popovers came hot on the outside and frozen in the middle...

    Good luck on your hunt for Greek food in Seoul!

  2. I was pretty skeptical. I would say they need to make the prices more accountable.


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