Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Lovers: Life drawing session at Jankura

The recent life drawing session at Jankura art space involved a male and female model with the theme as "Lovers." It was a fun mix up of the usual life drawing session, and my first time getting to draw a male model at Jankura. I had a good time and tried my best, of course.

The way things work at the life drawing sessions is that you have 3 5-minute poses at first, which are great for getting you warmed up and accustomed with what is in front of you. Then things graduate into longer poses, where you can work on value and structure more.

My favorite pose of the night was the following one, where the models were laying down. I really enjoyed the diagonal lines created by the legs.

I hope they host another fun session like this one, and as a bonus here is a shot of Seoul from the studio.


  1. Wow! Are those your drawings? Those are beautiful! I love reading and catching up on expats/teachers/foreigners that find interesting things and hobbies in Korea. I got tired of reading the same ol blogs- drink, party, hate Korea..etc. I'm really glad I came across yours, however. It's refreshing and I look forward to following you throughout your journey!

  2. Hi Michelle! Thanks for enjoying my blog and drawings. Yea plenty of life-without-partying here haha. Yep I try to get involved in the arts here and see what's new. :)


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