Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Camp Week 1: Wrap Up

Those last five days of winter camp went really fast! Thankfully I had prepared enough before camp to jump into it without that dreaded feeling of, "What do I do?" At my school camp is from 8:50 - 12:10, with various breaks in between. Most of what we teach is academic, like Science and Reading, but there are also fun stuff like a Drama unit and Museum unit.

I try to engage the students as much as possible with questions, and I also found setting up the material works well. Before we get into the book I brainstorm with them about the topic and play a short video for them to get the connections visually. This really helped when we were going to make a craft based upon cavemen wall paintings. The video showed the wall paintings from Lascaux in France, and the students were quite impressed.

I admit I miss the days of designing the whole camp and having "cooking" and other themes that were more hands on fun. But you make due with what you got!

For the next week of camp the students will practice their short drama and enjoy making a wooly mammoth out of recycled materials. I look forward to more time with the kids, but as the days swiftly pass by I'm reminded of how little time I have left. Thankfully we have a week off after camp so I can see about squaring everything away. Mostly just need to sell off my stuff. Ok see ya!

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