Monday, January 7, 2013

The Varying Incarnations of Foreign/er

If you have read my blog for some time, you would know that I often change the picture header-image on the top. Over the years this amounts to several different headers and schemes for the layout of this blog. Since this blog is heading towards it's end I thought I would celebrate all the different incarnations the header came into being over the years.

Please feel free to comment on which was your favorite and not-so loved header. I'll definitely miss finding the right picture, tweaking it in Photoshop and updating this blog.

(In no real order...)


  1. fun idea, perhaps I'll do that with my banners one day... I always like your banners. I think I remember you had one with some house plants that I really liked...

  2. I love all your headers! But my fav are the 3rd one from the top, the one with the kite and the one with the bus stop. I'll miss this blog :( not just because you're a great blogger and a great photographer (yes, you are) but because every time I read your blog, I feel happy. I know it's a cliched thing to say and all that, but... I relate to your blog (and I don't even know you!) than almost everyone around me at this. xoxo

  3. Thanks, Joanna! I couldn't find all the headers in my file cabinet.

    Anya, I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog. I always tried to be positive or explain myself when being negative. FYI ~ I plan to start a new blog when I move back to America. I hope to continue sharing my view on life and my experiences but with a different subject. I know I'll be busy with school work but I'll try to do it.


  4. #4 and #5 are my favorite.


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