Saturday, December 15, 2012

TV Stand and Bookshelf for Sale!

There are two items here for sale and both are in great condition.

1. Is a large TV stand. Dimensions are Length 149 m, Width 43.5 m, height 48m. It has five draws that pull out and an opening in the center for your entertainment device.

2. A standard bookshelf in light brown color. Dimensions are 120 height, 24m length and 38m depth.

1. TV Stand: 70,000 Won
2. Bookshelf: 10,000 Won

GET BOTH for 60,000 Won!

You have to come and pick this up and I live in Nowon, Seoul. More stuff for sale as time goes by, but items seen on this stuff is not for sale.

Thank you!


  1. both items are good and in a very good condition thanks for sharing
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