Sunday, December 9, 2012

On this coldest day in December...

From what my friend tells me this is the coldest day in December that Korea has seen in 27 years. That not only made my eyebrows raise but at the same time give me chills. Temperatures in the teens usually doesn't come around till January. But it looks like things will "warm" up next week, a bit.

To beat the cold my friend and I enjoyed watching a movie and TV in the comfort of my warm home. For dinner we had homemade bulgolgi and japchae, with lettuce for wraps. It was a warming meal and also quite wholesome.

Dipping the bok choy and other greens in to the gochujjang, turned out to be quite tasty. Fresh and live vegetables are probably what the body needs to keep healthy this frozen season.

Anyway, hope everyone is staying warm this winter and finding fun ways to enjoy it despite the low temps.

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