Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lentil Soup Dinner

Throw some of this stuff together, and chop up some vegetables....

Simmer it all in a large pot and combine with some liquids...

Presto! You get a delicious and warming soup for the winter. 


  1. hey, I'm in Ulsan and saw your recipe and became really excited! I have some yellow lentils (though until seeing your post I was unsure of what they were because they were left by the previous teacher). Thanks for posting it! Also about 5 months before taking my job in SK in September I moved to Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is awesome, and though I've only been to Seattle once it's definitely a very alive place. I hope that your last winter in Korea is awesome and your future move to Washington is full of awesome things.

  2. and have thought about trying my hand at lentil soup** (was to follow the parenthesis)

  3. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for enjoying this post. I am excited to be heading to Seattle. You are another person to tell me how positive that place is. Anyway, hope your soup comes out well. I'm actually not sure if what I have are peas or lentils. But it works either way. Just google, "lentil soup" and you can find a basic recipe. As for the other ingredients I found them mostly at Home Plus.


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