Monday, November 12, 2012

What Could Have Been and What Will Be

Yesterday I was busy in Itaewon checking in at the Chung Hwa Animal Hospital to have a chat and see what carriers they had for sale. It looks like the best option would be to buy Tom a sturdy carrier with plenty of room to curl up in. However, the one and only they had for sale was a bit out of my price range so I will be using Gmarket once again. Also I took care of ordering a name tag for Tom, which will include his name and my email address.

After I took care of cat stuff I headed to Jankura Artspace, which was just around the corner. I handed off copies of ArtAsiaPacific to Mike and got ready for his life drawing session in the evening. During which I had a great conversation with him about his art studio and life in Korea. When I started the drawing session I couldn't help but think what could have been if I were to continue living in Korea. My mind wandered down areas thinking that I could have gotten more into the art scene here, making a clearer name for myself. Perhaps I could have taught some art classes at his studio, and had a steady extra income that way. These thoughts permeated my mind while I enjoyed drawing the costumed model in a Belly Dancer outfit.

But then during one of our mini-breaks I overhead a couple of people talking. It turned out they were reminiscing on good times they had in Seattle. As I listened I started to think, "Hey if two people in Korea can look back fondly on their life in Seattle, then perhaps my move is really a good idea." One of these folks I had known for a while, but I guess didn't really know his background. As he sat back down to get ready for the session I informed him I was moving to Seattle, and he was quite enthusiastic. Also praised the University I will be going to with good remarks. Needless to say I felt a huge moral boost in my decision to leave Korea.

As the evening wore on I was told of the great Art scene there and the possibilities. Also was given a few tips on what neighborhood to live in and which to avoid. I don't really know anyone in Seattle, except for an old friend back home who actually just moved out of there. So I was really pleased to find someone out here who has lived there.

What will be?

What I look forward to is discovering the new city I will be living in and getting back into American life. I hear Seattle has a good music and art scene, so I will enjoy that. Surely I will end up too busy with school work, but for the most part I think I'll be able to enjoy my time off wisely.

I know I am going to miss Korea and I want to write about what I will miss in more detail. However, it's kind of hard to write about it when you don't really want to face that you will be leaving a lot behind.

This post was just to expunge my recent thoughts on the whole matter. Hope it wasn't too random!


  1. no it wasn't.....
    The drawing is beautiful & great that you got some info re: life in Seattle to get goin' with!
    What neighborhood did he suggest, I'd like to check it out.

    Can you order a more reasonably priced pet carrier from Amazon or something like that? Or does the shipping charge make that ridiculous?

    This was a v. upbeat post!

  2. Yes shipping something here from America would be not worth it. At least I will always have a good carrier for Tom in the future. :)

  3. Hmm. Well... I hate to see you go, but I hardly ever saw you anyway... Ha. Hm. Your life will be what it will, and most of the time there aren't right choices or wrong choices. Just different paths. Going to Seattle is your path for now. And if it doesn't work out, call me. We can always start an artist commune in South Dakota. I'll take care of the sheep, and you can draw. Whatever happens though, you should keep drawing, because you're good at it. And I'm not saying that to be nice, because I'm not nice.

  4. If you really start an artist commune I'm there! Thank you though. :) Having this support has been really great. Besides if you ever in Seattle then come on by and say hello.


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